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Hacienda Macaluan, Inc. (HMI) is a Philippine corporation and registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission in 1995 as a dairy farm entity, whose primary purpose is to sell and breed cattle farm animals, and the production of milk and related dairy products.

The company was founded by its current President and Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Eduardo J. Soriano, who has been engaged in the dairy industry since his family operated San Miguel and Magnolia Dairy.

Farm operations began with just a handful of Magnolia dairy cows but quickly expanded into a small-scale dairy farm following the acquisition and importation of 100 heads of Freshian Sahiwals from Australia.

In the late 1990’s HMI decided to further expand and venture into dairy processing operation. The plant initially processed a daily average of 100 liters of liquid milk and cheese products, which include white cheese or kesong puti, ricotta and cottage cheese. These were delivered by reefer vans daily to Manila’s exclusive subdivisions and villages thus earning its moniker“The Milkman”.

Even without an extensive advertising campaign to promote its products, HMI has since gained a slice of the vast dairy market through word of mouth. Consumers began appreciating the nutritional quality and pure taste of its fresh cow’s milk products to win over the support from loyal customers.

Overlooking the scenic Mt. Makiling in Calauan, Laguna, the farm today boasts several hectares of grazing land for the dairy herd, an automated milking parlor, a feeding and a micro dairy processing plant.

Hacienda Macalauan’s commitment to excellence has garnered recognition by some of the country’s leading culinary experts such as Reggie Aspiras and Margarita Fores. Additionally, exposure to the educational sector through farm tours has captured the attention of the National Book Development Board (NBDB), which promotes awareness of good health to children through book features, celebrity reading sessions and school visits.

In early 2013, as part of its diversifcation strategy, HMI started the plan to venture into manufacturing of coconut products for export, particularly to the US and EU markets.The project evolved initially as a way of adding more efficiency to the existing dairy plant by utilizing excess capacity.

With the increasing world-wide demand for healthier and nutritious food and beverages, and given the excess capacity of its dairy plant and the abundant availability of coconuts in Calabarzon area,  the Company decided to build its integrated coconut processing (ICP) plant. HMI’s  ICP plant is also another state of the art facilty equipped with latest ICP machineries and equipment uses an integrated approach to manufacturehigh quality coconut products with zero-waste, and can fairly compete in the world market. From powering our boilers with coconut shell to the use of paring cake as feeds for our dairy operation, the operation takes a stand as being environmentally-friendly.

More importantly, with the creation of its ICP Plant, the Company have created jobs that will support the local area of Calauan and line with the mandate of the Philippine Coconut Administration, it will  contribute to the development of a globally competitive coconut industry that would contribute to food security, improved income and enhanced participation of all stakeholders in the industry.

Today, with its increasing total assets and resources, the Company looks forward to providing its customers with the best dairy and non dairy products, moving forward.


To be a world-class Filipino company that promotes excellent health by producing premium dairy and non-dairy food and beverage products utilizing environment-friendly industrial processes.


- To become a leading dairy and non-dairy food and beverage company that complies with International Standards for product and quality.

- To set standards for product systems and efficiency, environment-friendly industrial processes as well as outstanding employer and employee relationships.

- To ensure economic and social contributions to enhance community and nation-building.

- To guarantee customer satisfaction through excellent service and quality in all our products.

- To be receptive to the changing environment and ecology preservation.


Membership and Affiliations

- National Dairy Authority

- Bureau of Food and Drugs Philippine

- Association of Food Technologists Inc.

Awards & Acknowledgements

- October 2010 – Outstanding Farmer, Province of Laguna, Mr. Eduardo J. Soriano, HMI President

- April 2008 - Recognized by the Laguna Lake Development Authority for the contribution to its Resource Recovery Event.

- November 2005 – Philippine Marketing Excellence Award for Most Outstanding Fresh Milk in Metro Manila

- July 2013 –Animal Welfare Certification from the Bureau of animal Industry


Several universities have partnered with HMI for the “On the Job Training” of their students.

- Laguna State Polytechnic University (Industrial Technology Major in Food Technology& BS Agriculture) - January 2007

- Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) - November 2008

- Isabela State University

(Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) - November 2011

- Tarlac College of Agriculture

(Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) - April 2011

- University of the Philippines Los Banos

(Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) - June 2013

- University of Rizal ( BS Agriculture) - April2011

Since 2011, HMI has collaraborated with Phil CarabaoCenter-Animal Health Unit in terms of research and disease diagnostics.

Social Responsibility

Socio-Economic Aspect

Hacienda Macalauan supports the national program on food security by providing opportunities for employment to the Filipinos, while increasing its manpower complimentary to its operation. HMI also provides income to the local community in Calauan, Laguna, where the municipality generates taxes from the company. Your Best Choice Hacienda Macalauan milk and dairy products deliver all the wholesome goodness you want.

No antibiotics
No added growth hormones for our cows
No dangerous pesticides
No genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
No artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives
No hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats
No artificial sweeteners

Big Nutrition for Little Bodies

As a parent, you can lay the foundation for a lifetime of good health and good habits by encouraging your children to eat a variety of nutritional foods including Hacienda Macalauan dairy products. With our wide selection of great-tasting and healthy products in convenient sizes and packaging, its so easy for your family to eat well.

Tree Planting Program

On May 23, 2014, the Company had a majority of employees engage in a tree planting program within the premises of the property. A dried up river bed was chosen as the site for this activity in order to prevent erosion during times of heavy rain. Around 50-60 employees worked the entire day to plant around 1,000 trees. The trees are a part of HMIs constant efforts to promote environmentally friendly practices as a contribution to reforestation of the country.

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